About MAGNIFY Performing Arts

Where are you going?

This world has very little to offer us in true satisfaction and peace. What are you striving for? Who are you living for? What purpose are you fulfilling with your God-given gifts and talents? The Bible is clear: in everything we say and do, we are to glorify our Father, God.

MAGNIFY Performing Arts was created to showcase a collection of performing artists and their stories to impact many for the kingdom and to make the Name of Jesus famous throughout the nations. If you have been given the gift of musicality, performance, and dance and want to use your gift to magnify the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus then contact me, and let's begin to pray about how we can create works of art together. Contact Vadis by emailing: mklvfg@gmail.com

Vadis shares her testimony of how God worked in her heart through competitive dancing. All the awards and applause from the audience, family, friends, and judges pales in comparison to the joy of dancing before the Lord as an act of worship. Psalm 149:3

Choreographed and performed by Vadis Pekrul

Filmed by Arrows Rising Studios